My Testimonials

"Margo Kelly has been absolutely wonderful -- hands-on, insightful, focused, warm, and incredibly, thoroughly helpful with each step of our house-selling process. For four years, as we tried to figure out whether and when to sell our house in Old Palo Alto, Margo generously helped us with excellent ideas and information. She gave us unstintingly of her time and knowledge, sharing recommendations of superb handymen, contractors, roofing specialists, and more. Once we decided to sell, she helped us, in a calm and careful way, through each important step, so that our house could shine. She succeeded brilliantly on her strategy for pricing our house, and through her diplomacy and wisdom, we gained multiple offers, and accepted the best one, which went almost 25% over the asking price, with great terms. What is more, throughout these four years, Margo has shown compassion for and kindness to our family. She has always had our own best interests front and foremost. She is patient, honest, and thoughtful -- and she also has a highly welcome and comforting sense of humor!! She is the best in the business."

Harriet Chessman & Bryan Wolf, Palo Alto

"Margo was my listing agent and was invaluable in my recent highly successful home sale. She came by to see the house and then looked at the recent comps to get a sense of the market. Based on that and the sparse inventory at that time we agreed on a tentative asking price and an aggressive schedule for the sale. Margo arranged for most of the inspections to happen on the same day, and met with the inspectors and myself. With the preliminary information from the inspectors, we were figured out what work would provide the best returns and what to leave alone. She got the stager to come in early in the process to give her input on how we should present the house. Armed with that, Margo helped me find the contractors I needed and we were able to get all the work of painting, floor resurfacing and minor repairs scheduled into a a bit less than a month.Throughout the process she showed a great attention to detail and did a fabulous job keeping everyone (including me) on schedule. She put a great virtual tour of the house together and drummed up a lot of interest among the other area brokers. When we accepted offers, we received a large number of offers that had solid financing and no contingencies. She helped sort through the various offers and once we chose one, kept in touch with the other agent and with the Escrow company to make sure that everything went off smoothly. Selling our home through Margo was a great experience."

Douglas Ward, Menlo Park

"The moment I met Margo, I knew that she would be a good representative for me in the sale of my home, but I had no idea that she would do such an exceptional job. Margo is a marvel. She is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate business, works incredibly hard, is detailed and meticulous to a fault and her negotiation skills are top-notch. I discovered all of this in the short time it took her to sell my house for more money than I ever thought possible. She expertly marketed my property while I was on vacation. The day after I returned, offers were presented to me and a few hours later my house was sold. I could not have asked for a smoother, more stress-free and successful experience. She is a dynamo and I feel quite lucky in choosing her as my real estate agent. I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to make the selling of my house such an incredibly successful experience. I am so very thrilled that it was such an easy and relatively stress-free undertaking and I owe that all to you, your expertise, hard work, and your nurturing and calm demeanor."

Patricia Carter-Hayes, Mountain View

"Dear Margo,We would like to express how much we had enjoyed working with you and assisting us in finding our new home. Your perseverance is unmatched. We really appreciated that fact that you took into account all of our desires and needs in locating our perfect home in Los Altos Hills. Spending the time to visit our old home really helped you to locate properties that would best meet our needs and not squander anyone's valuable time. Most importantly, the way you handled the negotiations, listening to our needs and addressing our concerns was extremely professional and sincere. In our opinion, you went beyond many of your responsibilities to ensure that the transition into our new home went as smoothly as it possibly could. Not only would we recommend you to other parties or individuals that are considering purchasing a new home, but we also believe that you would display the same character and tenacity with those who are listing their residence through you and your organization. We do not plan on relocating currently or in the near future, but if and when we do, we will utilize your talents again. Your knowledge of the Peninsula and the real estate market made the entire purchasing process go as seamless as possible."With best regards and appreciation,

Dan Marble, Jr., Los Altos Hills

"We met Margo during an open house and discussed the type of property we were looking for. Margo immediately showed great insight into the local real estate market and we decided to make her our agent. She helped us find a great property and had the winning strategy to make an offer that had a chance.We were so glad our offer was retained and could finally buy our first single family home ! Margo worked really hard to help us close on time and kept us inthe loop throughout the transaction. Margo is a detail oriented person and has a ton of great contacts for any real estate needs - her referrals came out as outstanding professionals, just like herself. One month after helping us buyour home, she sold our previous home in a single weekend with multiple offers! We want to thank Margo for all the work she did for us and would recommend her to anyone."

Francois and Claire Bailly, Menlo Park

"Margo is incredibly bright, warm, knowledgeable, thorough and persistent, and helped guide us through every step of the home search and buying process. She helped us make smart decisions and ask all of the right questions, which is the reason that we are now happily living in our dream home. It's important that you find someone smart and savvy that you trust to help you navigate this hectic market, and we wholeheartedly recommend Margo to anyone who is interested in buying or selling their home."

Jamie Lockwood & Doug Parkes , San Jose

"Thank you Margo, for all the tireless work you did for Mom and me in selling her home. You never left us in the dark. That was such a trying time for all of us. After the sale you have kept in touch with concern for Mom's well being. We don't consider you just our agent, we are grateful to call you a friend."Sincerely,

Kathy Riesenberg, Los Altos

"My wife and I were concerned about the challenges we would face buying our first home. As our agent, Margo made sure she was always available to us throughout the whole process. She was happy to accommodate our busy schedules and proved to be an outstanding resource for information. Margo always made sure we were asking the right questions, and she encouraged us to take the time we needed to consider our options. Margo's expertise guided us, step-by-step, from looking for something that met our needs right up to the day we moved in. We couldn't be happier with our purchase."

Tricia and James Trujillo

"I worked with Margo to locate and eventually purchase my home in Los Altos. Although I've been living in Mountain View for several years, Margo, who is an expert on the area, helped me determine how to focus my search on the properties that would best suit my needs and guided me toward the ones that would work best for me.Once locating the right property, Margo advised me on an effective offer strategy which ultimately got us into contract. Throughout the closing process, Margo kept in close touch, updating me with details on a daily basis and provided all the contacts and services necessary. Eventually after closing, Margo was also there to help the me with the move-in process so that everything would go smoothly. During the entire process Margo was a pleasure to work with."Sincerely,

Carlo Basile, Los Altos

"My husband and I would like to personally thank Margo Kelly for helping us purchase a beautiful house. Being first time home-buyers, we were unfamiliar about what the process entailed, and so we had a lot of concerns. It was very reassuring to have Margo by our side and work tirelessly to protect our interests. It was clear from the start that Margo is knowledgeable, has considerable expertise in real estate transactions, and knew just the right questions to ask. We were also very grateful that she responded to our questions at any time of the day or night. We felt very comfortable in reaching out to her whenever we felt there could be an issue. She's also great with referrals, since she has an extensive network of people that she interacts with, and we trust her recommendations completely. She's also easy to get along with, but is professional throughout the escrow process. Thanks Margo for a fantastic experience and do stay in touch!"Best regards,

Deepti and Mihir Naware, Redwood Shores