My Testimonials

"Margo started working with us six months before we even made our move to the Bay Area from Ohio. Knowing that there would be some big lifestyle differences, not to mention sticker shock, Margo did a very good job preparing us for what to expect and what to look for. She was also genuinely caring about our family, the two teenagers who made the move with us as well as the two college students we left in Ohio, and all of the transitions we were making. She worked patiently with our needs and wants, and gave us great advice along the way. We found her knowledge of this area to be extremely helpful too. Margo made sure we understood every step of the process, and has followed through with getting us settled, and turning our house into a home ."

Sue and Dave Kelly, Los Altos

"I cannot say enough positive things about Margo as a realtor. She took the time to get to know me, my needs and goals in buying a house, and exhibited a lot of patience in helping me hone my search and guiding me through the entire process of searching, negotiating and buying. She was indispensable. She took extra care to ensure the entire process ran smoothly for me and she was extra vigilant in every minute detail of the inspection process and closing the deal. Her care for and commitment to the customer carried on even after the closing by providing great advice and assistance in dealing with the hassles faced by a new home buyer. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a knowledgeable, committed and strong team player as Margo on their side during the home searching and buying process."

Jim Cady, Los Altos

"First of all, I would like to thank you for walking us through the whole process of selling our house and purchasing a new house, and thank you for your outstanding service. We are grateful to have you on our side when purchasing our new home. Our experience could not have been better. Thank you for making a stressful situation into an enjoyable experience. Selling or purchasing real estate can be a tricky and stressful process, and hiring the right realtor to guide you can make all the difference. With Margo I feel like I am in capable hands. First and foremost, she behaves professionally during the time she is working for you. Even though her relationship with the client is very friendly, at the same time, she works hard and takes the job in hand as seriously as possible. I realized that she has the knowledge to help me navigate the process successfully. In addition to knowing the state and local real estate laws and requirements, she also has experience and in-depth knowledge of the area you are buying or selling in. Agents who thoroughly know the area schools, hospitals, and recreation areas will make a bigger difference to you, the client.Margo is someone who loves to work with people--even on the bad days. You should never feel rushed or hurried by her, and you should always be made to feel that she has your best interests at heart. Her honesty, politeness, and friendliness are signs that you, not personal interest, are the focus of her work. She, such as all good realtors, is always straightforward and honest and never withholds any information or keeps potential clients or houses from you. She never leaves you wondering if the promised results will be delivered. Finally, one of the most important characteristics of Margo is that she goes the extra mile. Realtors are a dime a dozen, but those who take care of little details like keeping you posted on your sale, or answering the phone with a smile in their voice are the realtors to keep and be grateful for. Her promptness and effective communication are essential to our relationship, and realtors like her who do everything they can to show they appreciate your business deserve to be appreciated."

Maryam Keyhani & Abbas Iranmanesh, Mountain View

"Margo serves her clients tirelessly. She takes the time to get to know her clients' needs and you can count on her to be honest when it comes to choosing the right home for you. While searching for homes, if she observed something she thought would be a problem for me, she pointed it out. When she saw something she thought would fit my needs, I knew she really thought so and never pressured me. I never questioned her motives as she always, always, has her client's interests as her top priority. She is straightforward, a terrific negotiator, and pays attention to the details. She will truly represent you and you will know you are in good hands. I highly recommend Margo."

Nanette Andrews, Los Altos

"As first time homebuyers in the United States, Margo was very helpful in explaining the process, making sure we didn't miss anything. She paid attention to details, was very helpful in finding the right home, and she maintained a good sense of humor. Thanks to her previous professional career, she has a lot of insight into her clients' lifestyles, and accordingly, their home preferences -- as well as insight into the seller's selling strategy. What counts most is that everything went smoothly. Even after the close of escrow she continued to make sure that all of our questions were answered, and gave us good advice. We wish Margo all the best as she is a great real estate agent!"

Gerhard & Heike Lengeling, Los Altos Hills

"As first time buyers who have just transferred here from Europe we felt entirely confident working with Margo. She was always on our side and went above and beyond to guide us through the entire buying process. Margo takes pride in her work and is the model of professional integrity. We would recommending her highly to anyone who is serious about buying a home in the Bay area."

Axelle Girardot & Malcolm Minty, Mountain View

"As home buyers interested in acquiring our rental house that was offered as-is by the owner, we were lucky to count on Margo's professional advice and expertise.She organized everything from house inspections to mortgage advisor and made sure that all the processes went smoothly. Margo kept us informed on every progress and made sure we received electronic copies of all documents immediately. All the forms were explained to us clearly, questions answered patiently, and in just a few meetings we were able to complete all the paperwork. Margo surprised us with her understanding of our "European" ideas and style and could help us with many referrals for a future remodel.We owe Margo a huge thank you for her passionate assistance and can warmly recommend her services."

Nadja & Christian Kurmann, Mountain View

"Being a home buyer in the Bay Area during a time where the real estate market and the overall economy was experiencing so much uncertainty, it was of great value to have Margo as our realtor during our transaction. Margo exhibited in depth knowledge of the real estate and financial markets and communicated well with my wife and I as well as with the other parties involved. Margo had our best interests at heart and made sure all of our questions and/or concerns were fully answered. Margo was professional, sincere and patient through the entire process. Margo listened to our needs upfront and showed us several properties that met expectations. She was extremely committed to getting us the best possible price. She knew what we had to work with (and didn't have) and negotiated a contract that placed my family in a beautiful home that we love. She has also followed up with us post sale to confirm that everything was good.Margo is not only our realtor she is now a friend of the family. We will do more real estate transactions in the future!"

Darrin and Kyra Hanke, San Jose

"Margo has been a great help to us with our first home purchase. She was able to help us find our perfect home, even when our requirements kept evolving as we saw what was available and what we could afford. She was especially helpful with helping us understand the piles of documentation and in keeping us up to date throughout our home search. We wouldn't hesitate to use her services again, although hopefully that won't be any time soon!"

Jay & Allison Tanaka, Sunnyvale

"We are very satisfied with Margo's service. As first time homebuyer, we did not have much knowledge and had a lot of concerns and questions. Margo always explained it to us until we understood, took necessary actions quickly and got all necessary information we wanted for our decision making. In addition, we could communicate/meet with her anytime until we closed the deal. It was very helpful for smooth deal finding and closing."

Yamamoto family, San Jose